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Thursday, February 6


3pm - 7pm

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Thursday, February 6


It’s our 3rd year as FATE!!! And, our 16th birthday in the consignment business as our previous name, Ali’s Closet. 

Join us for food, bubbly, sweets and deals. Plus, if you’re a vintage fan, this should be your Feb 6th destination. We’ll be expanding our vintage selections into an empty space next door and will have  guest “vintage shops” showing off their wares. Well, yippee!

3pm - 7pm



If you can’t find it at the mall, it doesn’t exist. Ummmmm, no

FATE is a consignment shop that suits about everyone so you can find that gem you've been looking for. so we have it all! With the surge of internet shoppers and more than ever busy lives, we're getting a lot of new consignment- yep, a lot with tags! We keep up with current trends but we‘re more attracted to those rare items that define (or challenge) your own personal style. With new consignment being hauled in everyday- this week you could pick up a vintage Escada blouse and next week a brand new Stella McCartney bag. Or, maybe what you've been looking for has no brand- it's just the coolest bamboo bag or vintage earrings you've ever seen. Stop in, find your FATE.  



 Okay, let's get real.  Sixteen years ago when we started this business as Ali's Closet, we were one of a hand full of consignment shops in Denver. We've experienced many shops close, and many open and close within a few years. Why? With the insurgence of big online marketplaces like ThredUp and The RealReal, and the popularity of 'sell your own stuff' sites like Poshmark and NextDoor, the climate has shifted. Even shops that typically carry new inventory have a used selection of clothing and accessories now.  Resale is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and luckily, FATE is still in the game!  Resale shopping attracts consumers from all economic levels. There is no typical resale shopper, just as there is no typical resale shop. No one is immune to the excitement of finding a treasure and saving money. Astute shoppers take advantage of that savings while addlquality to their life when money saved (or made) is used for vacations, entertainment, funding college or expanding family activities. With an increasing awareness of the importance of reducing waste, we are progressing from a disposable society to a recycling society- that's pretty stinking cool! Plus, when you consign in Colorado with a Colorado born business, your money and the benefits of that money stays in Colorado. FATE is proud to be a Coloradoan and we're especially proud to be your "new" favorite consignment shop.  



 The definition of the whole (kit and) caboodle means: everything there is. In FATE's case, that means everything from handmade ceramics to mid-century barware. The "kit" could be the cutest potted plant you've ever seen to the "caboodle"- a rare edition of Little Women. Thing is, you just never know until you stop in on the regs.



Yep, we have them all the time. And, most times they benefit a local or international non-profit. I know, cool- right? We're slowly adding content so more info soon!


Interested in our story, eh? We'll spill eventually, but for now, you have to wait. We're still working on content as this is a new site so we appreciate your patience. 



So many questions and so many answers.  Stay put, we're adding new info to this fancy new site of ours every day. 




We take consignment by appointment only. Please click here to set up a day and time. All clothing items must be on hangers. They can be on wire hangers- we'll recycle them for you. Thing is, we don't have much horizontal room and we HATE to steam. We're currently taking winter consignment. 

50/50 SPLIT

We wouldn't have a shop if it wasn't for you so we're an equal 50/50 partnership.  You actually make more than the shop because of overhead, tags, staff, etc.  That's pretty cool! Items are on a discount schedule and are reduced by 20% one week before you consignment ends.  Occasionally, we have special events and offer a discount to guests/shoppers. Often we're only reducing  a particular style of item on the floor- like 20% OFF handbags at one event and then 20% off jewelry at another. 


Your consignment contract is for 60 days. That's pretty self explanatory.


You're welcome to use the money you've earned as shop credit anytime during or after your contract ends.  If you choose to not spend your money with us or  you have a balance at the end of your contract then we write you a check. 


At the end of your contract you're welcome to pick up and unsold items. If you wish, you can leave items for donation. If you do not pick up within one week of your consignment ending, items are discounted to 50% off and that money goes to fundraisers or benefits for local and international non-profits. We provide you with a receipt and tax id number. We love giving back so hopefully you see this as a win-win-win.


We like transparency. You will have a consignor number and a password to login on this site and check the status of your items. You will see a detailed list with the size, style, color and price of your items. Our sales are in real-time so you can see what items you're selling and what your current balance owed is. Yay! I